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Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Record (November 2015) 12.

My interpretation of the ambo in Westminster Cathedral is available from the Westminster Record below or at this link on page 12. The Westminster Record is the monthly newspaper of the Archdiocese of Westminster.

A reference to this article is found in the following article.: D.R. McNamara, “The Ambo: Launch Platform for the Word”, Adoremus Bulletin, November (2016) 8-9, 12 (available here).

Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Record (October 2015) 19.

My commentary on the new church of Stanbrook Abbey, Wass, also published in the Westminster Record is available below or at this link on page 19.

Image of Daniel McCarthy writes for Westminster RecordI hope to write articles on specific churches and their liturgical arrangements. For example, I would enjoy writing an article on the ciborium over the altar at Westminster Cathedral and an article on the low wall separating the place of the liturgy of the Word and the place of the eucharistic liturgy also at Westminster Cathedral. There is also a lovely Latin text written in a well designed mosaic over the door to a side entrance of the same cathedral.

I am aware of only one genuine ambo in the US; it is in the cathedral of St. Louis, Missouri. I would enjoy writing an article on that as well.

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