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Image of Daniel McCarthy - amboAmbo

The ambo of Westminster Cathedral, London, is located in the midst of the nave, on the mid-day side of church and extends from the pier into the nave. Note the undercroft is empty, because “he is not here. He is risen as he said”. A simple lectern holds the book for  the lector or deacon to proclaim the scripture.

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The deacon proclaims the Gospel from the ambo in Westminster Cathedral

Watch  the Gospel Procession at the mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI, Westminster Cathedral, September 2010.

Ambo at Mater Ecclesiae convent
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The ambo is in the midst of the assembly – between the sisters and their guests – like at Westminster Cathedral. The presider sits opposite in this temporary arrangement.

Image of the ambo at Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome.
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Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome

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