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Ambo at the Camaldolese sisters on the Aventine

Pope Francis visited the camaldolese sisters on the Aventine hill for vespers. One of the sisters proclaimed the gospel, beginning at 26:48 in the following video (also link here).

For the Gospel, start at 26:48

Ambo at Santa Sabina

The ambo at Santa Sabina was used during the celebraiton of the Eucharist with the imposition of ashes. To see the first reading, begin at minute 37:31 in the following video (also link here)

To see the proclamation of the Gospel from the ambo, beginning with the lenten acclamation Laus tibi Christe, begin at minute 43:42 in the following video (or link here).

For the first reading start at 37:31; for the gospel start at 43:42.

For a video of the ambo of Westminster Cathedral, London, in use during the Papal liturgy celebrated there, along with the procession with the book of the Gospels, click on the following image.

The ambo of Westminster Cathedral, London. Note the empty space below, an image of the empty tomb.
The ambo, Westminster Cathedral, London



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