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The Gospel procession is noteable in this video of the papal mass celebrated at Westminster Cathedral, London, during the pastoral visit of Pope Benedict XVI 16-19 September 2010.


The Gopsel procession

begins at minute 24:38 in the video.

First the deacon receives the blessing,
then he goes to the altar and picks up the Book of the Gospels;
he turns and walks into the midst of the assembly
out of the sanctuary
down the steps
beyond the concelebrants
and into the midst of the assembly,
as people turn to watch the procession as the Book of the Gospels passes.

The deacon goes to the side of the church of the mid-day sun
and from there mounts the ambo
to stand above its empty undercroft,
a sign that “he is not here, he is risen as he said”
and obedient to the command of the angel at the garden’s empty tomb
to proclaim the good news to the disciples,
the deacon stands at the image of the victorious lamb that was slain
and proclaims the Gospel passage of the day.

In this image the empty undercroft is visible. The ambo is clearly located in the midst of the assembly.

Image of the ambo in Westminster Cathedral, London

For the Papal Mass, the ambo, as the monument of the empty tomb, was decorated with flours, an image of the garden of the empty tomb.

The ambo clearly stands in the midst of the asembly in the  screen shoot below captured from the video of the papal mass. The circle highlights the deacon proclaiming the gospel from the ambo. See a larger image of the following screen capture here.

Deacon proclaims the Gospel from the midst of the assembly durin papal mass

The distance between the presidential chair, the cathedra, and the ambo is evident in the following image also captured from the video of the papal mass. Pope Benedict XVI is circled to the right in the foreground where he is standing at the cathedra listening to the deacon prclaim the gospel from the ambo in the midst of the assembly, indicated by the circle to the left in the distance. See a larger image of this photo here.

Pope Benedict listens to the Gospel in Westminster Cathedral

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